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We are in the manpower supplying business. Our guard personnel are the foundational pillars of our business, who through their dedicated service upholds our name and integrity in the security service industry.

Without well-trained personnel to deliver our service, we couldn’t have built a thriving business. Hence, we pay utmost care and attention in every aspect of the training we provide them. We ensure that we provide them not just quality training but also offer them training in equipment handling, give them proper support and great career opportunities to grow themselves with the Company.

Providing the right security personnel is not just about uniformed presence but to protect your business and employees, which are very crucial and critical for any organization.

We make a difference in everything we do, and that includes how we manage, support and motivate our service delivery teams. We see them as internal customers and have structured a support service for them that provides quicker communication, proactive supervision and welfare visits, but above all they feel valued as individual and as a team, which significantly increases their morale.

Our Management team has progressed through the industry ranks and have clear objectives to support our officers in delivering service excellence.

Our People are recruited for their skill sets and specifically for each assignment. Our personnel are trained, vetted, experienced and highly motivated.

Our Commitment to getting things right means that we will deliver what you need and beyond. It’s all about getting the basics right and strengthening your security to make sure you get the best possible service and a truly managed solution.